Mudeas Workwear

Mudeas Women's Overalls


Bib to cuff, these overalls were built by women in agriculture and trades.

Mudeas Women's Overalls Feature: 

- Water proof hips, knees and pant cuffs. 
- Cut proof hips, knees and pant cuffs. 
- Tool box of chest pockets
- Adjustable waist band 
- Internal openings for knee pads
- Women's curved waist band

-100% Cotton Base
-Made in Alberta, Canada


- Wash in cold water / hang to dry. -

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jeanne Vachon
I love my Mudeas !

Bought a pair at the IPM in Kemptville and I absolutely love them! They fit great, they look great and they show no wear and tear after one year of hard work. I am an avid gardener and I appreciate the inner pocket over the knees where you can insert a foam pad to make kneeling more comfortable. They are also waterproof so no more soggy pants when working up the garden and flowerbeds in early spring. MADE IN CANADA which means they will last a lifetime so you only need to buy 1 pair!

Caithlin Palmer
No more placenta knees!

Anyone with livestock knows the grossness of kneeling down straight in to something cold and wet. Those days are over! The waterproof knees and cuffs are miracles!

Also, can fit four 24 ounce lamb bottles in the pockets, leaving hands free for other things. Love the zipper waist for not showing everyone my undies when the buttons work loose, and the inside adjusters for getting a custom fit! Never thought I’d spend this much on overalls, but they’ve been worth every penny!

Claudelle TH
Best overalls

Hands down the best overalls ever. Every details on those were thought through. Waterproof knees is the best for working in mud, manure or just everyday farm life. The waist that you can adjust is so flattering too. I’m obsessed with them, Nicole created a fantastic product. Don’t hesitate. They are the best 🙌🏻

Laura Muir
Great Fit!

Thank you Nicole for designing a pair of over-alls made for women. I love mine! The front pockets (especially the inventive magnetic closing top fold pocket for my phone), waterproof knees and zipper sides are GREAT! they are perfectly designed for flexible movement and comfort. :)
The straps are snug which allows me to wear my over alls all day without having to adjust the straps. I highly recommend these overalls.

Nicole Toebes
Women's Overalls Review

I purchased my Mudeas at the International Plowing Match in Kemptville last month and just wanted to let you know that I find them totally amazing. I am 66 years old and help my husband with bush work. Whenever I put them on I feel like I am getting a hug around the small of my back. ❤️ The fit is perfect, they move with me and are comfortable to work in. By far the best pair of coveralls I have ever owned. Just wanted to say "Congratulations"on a job well done and I wish you and your family much success. Another proud Canadian story.

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